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Social Rhythm Therapy Helps Children With Bipolar Illness Cope

Article by Julie Frey

Raising a kid with bipolar disorder is not an easy thing. It usually causes a great deal of angst, to the kid. But, it causes a great deal of angst and anxiousness for the rest of the family as well. Unfortunately, as of yet, a cure for bipolar does not exist. Therefore, it is incumbent on everyone in the family to learn to deal with the current state of affairs.

There are several good treatments for bipolar disorder. When an adult has this illness, it is pretty standard for the doctor to prescribe one or more types of medication. When treating children, however, you have less leeway. The physician has to be much more careful when prescribing medications for a child. The reason is that a child is still growing and developing. As a result, you want to be as sure as possible that any medications he is given will not adversely impact the development of his brain or body. Therefore, even when medicines are prescribed for children, they are usually prescribed in limited dosages. And, due to this limitation, they will not always have the same effect in a child as they would in a grownup.

Due to the exaggerated effects that drugs can often have on a child, many times, therapy is just as significant in the treatment of bipolar children as are drugs. One of the primary causes of anxiousness in a child suffering from bipolar is his inability to understand why he reacts to things in a certain way. To help him to understand, we use therapy – one of the best means available in helping us to understand why we do certain things and react in certain ways.

During the course of speaking with his therapist about his issues, the thought is that he will gradually come to gain an understanding of bipolar and the reasons why it is causing him to behave in a certain manner. It helps to alleviate his frustrations. And, this understanding and demystification of the disease helps to come to calm his reactions to the illness and to come to terms with it. In addition, therapy can provide him with the psychological tools to better control his reactions when with friends and family or when by himself.

Over the years, many forms of therapy have been developed to treat illnesses such as bipolar illness. And, one type of therapy that has shown great utility is one known as social rhythm therapy or treatment. It is a relatively recent type of therapy. And it shows great promise in its ability to treat bipolar disease. This treatment mainly concentrates on helping the child to establish and maintain daily habitual rhythms in their lives.

Specifically, what this means is that the child will be advised and encouraged to set up regular patterns for his daily activities. This includes activities such as sleeping, eating, exercising, homework – everything that he typically does during the course of a normal day. So, for instance, rather than going to bed at random times during the week, he is encouraged to go to bed, every day, at the same time.

So, likewise for each of the normal activities that he does day to day such as eating, school, and other activities – he sets a regular schedule and routine. An in establishing these regular patterns, he will find that the stresses that occur during the day have less impact on him.

Recognition of how effective a form of treatment such as social rhythm therapy can be is important. It emphasizes the fact that, to be most effective, bipolar has to be attacked in various ways and not simply by drugs. And, by incorporating this type of therapy into the overall treatment process, he will find it much easier living day to day.

Singulair 10 mg Helps Control Asthma in Adults and Children

Article by Alice Wolfe

Singulair 10 mg is an approved prescription medication that can effectively control asthma in adults and children. Lower doses are available to treat children even below the age of 2 years, and have been effective in 12-month old kids as well.

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects over 2 million Canadians, out of which 10 – 15% are children. Breathlessness arises due to inflammation of lung airways, and usually results in tightness in the chest, wheezing, and coughing. Persistent irritation leads to chronic cases.

Canadians find themselves hospitalized mainly due to asthma and roughly 500 adults and about 20 children die from asthma. What is alarming until now is that over 80% of these deaths can be avoided simply by having the right knowledge about asthma. Singulair 10 mg is an effective drug that can be easily bought from a Canadian pharmacy online.

Obesity and Smoking by Parents Increase Child Asthma Cases

A recent study in 2011 conducted by the Pediatrics Department of GSVM Medical College in India revealed that children are more likely to get respiratory illnesses due to obesity, parental smoking and feeding with bottles rather than breast-feeding by new mothers.

Asthmatic children have to be protected from the cold and other severe weather conditions. They should not be given food items they are allergic to, and Canadian drugs and inhalers prescribed by doctors can be easily made available in emergencies.

The Natural Way to Prevent Constriction of Airways

Fish oil supplements can be added to the food to prevent asthmatic attacks. A study was conducted at the University of Wyoming which revealed that regular intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) is effective in reducing asthma symptoms.

There was extensive testing done on about 26 adults who did not smoke. Over 40% noticed considerable improvement in breathing capabilities and could resist asthma attacks better when on the high fish oil diet. This is an important finding, as exercise induced asthma (EIA) is a common symptom among physically active children and affects nearly 7 – 20% of the general public.

Biomarkers Make It Easy To Identify Symptoms of Asthma

Researchers from the University of Newcastle’s School of Medicine and Public Health in Australia identified four biomarkers that may help diagnose and manage asthma. The biomarkers could be used differently using proteomics that focuses on the structure and functions of proteins in organisms.

The anti-inflammatory proteins regulated the inflammation quite effectively. The importance of this finding is that biomarkers have been identified that can promote development of medication to diagnose and stop airway diseases in the early stages.

Singulair 10 mg can control your asthma for a whole day and has to be taken once every day. Asthma does not have a cure as yet, but the medication can effectively block leukotrienes in the body and thus improve asthmatic symptoms. Canada Pharmacy Online has made it easy to get the drug online, and people can buy it cheaply through a simple online ordering process. Qualified pharmacists check each and every order and approve them on getting valid prescriptions.

How Sleeping Helps You And Your Child

Everyone knows sleeping is essential, however it is among the first items we take off our to do checklist. It is advisable to reconsider making sleep a priority given it impacts many aspects in your life. Furthermore it’s good to provide a great example for your children. A child getting the right amount of rest is vital for healthy growth.

A recently available UCLA study found that one could put on weight by not receiving enough sleep. Researchers found that not getting enough sleep effects the amount of ghrelin. This is the hormone that helps with appetite control. When you dont get enough sleep, you could have lower levels of ghrelin, this means you will be hungrier the very next day.

There is a vicious circle you need to break when it comes to sleep. Sometimes we dont get plenty of sleep because we’ve got to many things to do, so to get them done, we take time from sleep. If we have not been getting enough sleep we feel that fuzzy feeling and it will take longer to get things done. See the pattern we’ve created, it’s lose lose situation. The fuzzy feeling in your head is protein build up which takes place when you don’t get enough sleep. So you need to stop the cycle. By getting enough sleep you’ll be more productive. So sleep needs to turn into a priority so that your productivity will increase.

So now you realize a couple of ways that lack of sleep has an affect on you, but are you aware it affects your children exactly the same way? Yep thats right if your children don’t get enough sleep they may also add on extra pounds. Very young children need a lot of sleep. A study by Harvard medical found that toddlers who failed to get 12 hours of sleep each day were twice as more likely overweight by the time they arrived at 3 years old. It is our jobs as parents to make sure that our youngsters are getting enough sleep to help them stay healthy.

Children who receive the proper amount of sleep are happier and have sharper minds. Kids who do not get enough sleep have a tougher time concentrating, which makes it harder for them to learn. Allow your children to sleep in on the weekends. This helps them catch up on necessary sleep.

And children who get the proper rest have fewer mishaps. Because kids who’re well rested once again concentrate better and are less likely to have those thoughtless silly accidents.

Get started this very night in ensuring that both you and your children are getting enough sleep. By not receiving the proper amount of sleep you are putting yourself and your children at risk. One of the best steps you can take you help your children grow healthy and strong is to create excellent sleeping habits