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Parenting and children: How to create a happy home for your children

Raising healthy children should be every parent’s goal. There are too many kids that have poor upbringings already and we should not follow this trend at all. We should provide a positive life for our children as much as possible. Five out of ten children you meet will tell you that t

come from a bad family. These broken children are suffering in every aspects of their life. They are either emotionally down and financially unstable. Children should not have to go through these treatments but often they do in a world that is falling in standards. You should take the time to raise the quality of your children’s lives.

Everything in the environment will affect your children and this is how they will grow up feeling about themselves. You will want them to grow up feeling like they have a lot of happy and positive experiences instead of negative ones. If they are psychologically affected they will suffer from every aspects of their lives from career to relationship to self-esteem. They will most likely be less successful then if they were not affected.

Childhood history will catch up to them in their future. Bad feelings and memory can turn into a mental illness that will prevent them from being successful adults. We have seen these people in our society. They could be a famous, wealthy celebrity but they will commit suicide because they can’t put up with their past. They could have gotten help from a psychologist but most of them don’t get help. Emotions and relationship really affect the well being of a person and especially a child growing up. People that have harbor lots of hurt and pain will become an anti- social person. They will withdraw from society and have little friends or relationships. They will think that the entire world is after them like Ted Kazinski. This is just an illusion that they feel comfortable with

that they can defend themselves and won’t get hurt. These individuals don’t want to get hurt in any single way. They want to safeguard themselves perhaps they have had enough already from their past. Someone like this would really need to get help from a psychologist before they lose their mind. This is so common in our world nowadays to have so many people with many mental problems.

Most adults are greatly affected by their childhood treatment and then their mate when they start dating. Family and mates are the two group that really turn a person blue. If you ask a person why they are the way they are they will tell you that their dad abuse them when they were younger or that their boyfriend abuse them. It’s all with abuse and betrayal that make a person mentally unstable. We should sympathize with these people and try to get help for them. Most counseling services for youth are free in the community. There are also free services at your college or church.

How do you raise positive children? You have to assess your family relationship to see if there’s anything there that could affect your children. Things like an alcoholic parent, substance abuse parent really affect a child’s well being. If you are having problems you should seek help and should not impose your problems on your children. They are your sole responsibility and you should leave your children out of the picture. Some girl would say that they grew up seeing their mother dealing substance abuse and doing it with a couple of other people in their trailer home. This is not an acceptable behavior in front of young children. They will feel that they don’t have good parents and that their parents have problems. They will grow up saying that their parents were incompetent and that they didn’t have a good childhood. You should seek help if you have problems so that it doesn’t adversely affect your children. What if you have a stepfather in the home? Stepfather could be a good thing and a bad thing for your own children. They are not the biological father and therefore they could do harmful things to your children. If you look at past records there have been many cases of abuse

stepfather. Stepfather doesn’t have a good reputation at all especially if you have a girl in the house. A young girl would feel very uncomfortable around their stepfather when no one is home. You have to make sure that your daughter is not scheduled to be home alone with their stepfather. If you daughter complain about misbehavior of the step dad then you should listen to them seriously because they have no reason to lie to you. Most of the time the mother doesn’t trust what their daughter is saying and ignore the situation until it gets too late. You should break up with a boyfriend if you find that he’s a harmful person to your family.

Do you fight often in your marriage? Fighting and yelling in front of children is not a good thing. They will be weary when they see their parents fighting. This will not be a positive thing for them. The noise that you produce will stick permanently in their head. If you must fight, you can do it out of their sight or something like that and don’t let them see it. A good parent is someone who remove all the negative factors out of their children’s lives.

Home Help: Health Care Services

Home Help is a form of health care offered at patient lives. They can receive home care services from professionals or by family, friends or in an assisted living facility. Often, the term home care is used to differentiate non-medical care, which is care that is offered by person who are not nurses and doctors whereas the term home help, refers to care that is provided by qualified person. In many countries, it is also known as skilled care. Home help care aims to make it possible for people to stay at home rather than use residential. Home care service providers give their health care services at your home. The purpose of home care is to maintain and restore a customer health and reduce the effects of diseases or disabilities.

These services include some combination of professional home health services and life assistance services.
Home care services include:-

Professional home health services include medical assessment, injury care, medication training, pain supervision, disease education, physical treatment and speech therapy.
Life assistance services include help with everyday tasks such as meal preparation and prescription reminders.

It is the best to stay at home with your loved ones along with leading the life rather than going to nursing home.

Home help care is available for a variety of people, to children, senior citizens, or those who has physical or mental fitness difficulties. Therefore, home care becoming the primary choice for the elderly people nowadays. Whereas there is no specific program essential for delivery of home care services, providing nursing care in a patient’s lives differs considerably from hospital care. Home-care staff provides care for patients of every age and level of disability. Some staff provides mental health or pediatric care. The Home help nurse doesn’t have safety officers willingly available if a family member becomes violent either toward the health-care provider or the patient. Providing care to patients without being in their instant presence is a comparatively innovative form of home nursing. Although some insecurity exists regarding official responsibilities and potential for responsibility, much has been done to make telecare a valuable way to hold expenses down for some patients. They must apply their own quality improvement during care delivery. Lastly, home care delivery demands that people exercise a high level of flexibility, creativity, and the ability to work without constant management.

On entire the purpose of home care services is to give homely care to people who don’t want to go to hospitals at their old age for any support or care

Child Care Centre ? A Second Home for Children

With an increase in nuclear families and working mothers, the demand for child care centres has been on the rise. Cashing on this opportunity, child care or day care centres have mushroomed everywhere but not every centre is able to provide the best care facilities to your child. Remember that leaving your child in a child care centre is a difficult task as you may suffer from separation anxiety when your child is not within your sight all the time. The child care centre you choose to entrust your child in should make matters easy for both – you and the little one.

The child care centre atmosphere should be such that a child feels cared for and loved in the mother’s absence. Parents must do a proper study of child care centres in their area or around before zeroing in upon one. Talk to other parents who have used child care centres in the past. Ask questions about the facilities provided by the centre, safety measures adopted, first aid and transport facilities, how are the teachers/ care givers and attendants, do they feed and take care of the child’s hygiene etc. A child care centre should literally be a second home for your child; otherwise it can make a negative impact on the child’s psychology.

Check whether the centre has other children of your child’s age-group, visit the centres and compare facilities provided and the curriculum followed. Attend a class and see the children-teacher/ care giver ratio, interaction levels and so on. Make sure that whatever is being taught is age appropriate and challenging but fun for the child.

Once you have finalised upon a child care centre, take your child along and see how he/she reacts to the space. Initial distress is to be expected because it is a new environment for them but after a while, keep checking whether a child is returning home in a good mood and whether he/she has had meals and is clean and tidy. It is very important that along with fun and learning they eat and maintain a healthy living in a child care centre.

Most of the child care centres do have all the facilities, so finding one that’s most appropriate for your child could be challenging. That is why interacting with other parents and the centre staff is very important to check on the progress of other children as well as your child.

There is no need to get worried if your child takes more time to adjust compared to other children. Each child is different in parameters. But do check how the Centre deals with the adjustment period and whether they are active in settling the child. It is tremendously difficult for every parent to leave their child in another’s care. Child care centres do understand this and can try and ensure that saying bye to each-other does become easier with each passing day.

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Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home

Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home

Learn how to Create a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home – from Christopher Gavigan and the trusted experts at Healthy Child Healthy World.

Healthy Child Healthy World is the essential guide for parents! All parents want a happy and healthy child in a safe home, but where do they start? It starts with the small steps to creating a healthier, less toxic, and more environmentally sound home – and this is the definitive book to get you there.

Unfortunately, tens of millions of Americans, overwhelmingly children, now face chronic disease and illnesses including cancer, autism, asthma, allergies, birth defects, ADD/ADHD, obesity/diabetes, and learning and developmental disabilities. The number gets higher each year and more parents ask WHY? Scientific evidence increasingly finds chemicals in everyday products like cleaning supplies, beauty care and cosmetics, home furnishings, plastics, food, and even toys that are contributors to these ailments.

The good news is that you can something to protect your children with a few simple changes!

Inside, you’ll find practical, inexpensive, and easy lifestyle advice for every stage of parenting including:

*Advice on preparing a nontoxic nursery for a new baby
*What every expectant mom needs to do to have a safer pregnancy
*Clarifying which plastics and baby products to avoid and the healthier solutions
*Tips to take to the grocery store, including the most and least pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables and the best healthy kid-approved snacks
*Which beauty care / cosmetic products pose the biggest risk to health
*The best recipes for healthy snacks, low-cost and safe homemade cleaners, and non-toxic art supplies
*How to easily minimize allergens, dust, and lead
*A greener garden, yard, and outdoor spaces
*Tips to keep your pets healthy, and the unwanted pests out naturally
*Renovation ideas, naturally fresher indoor air, and safer sleeping options,
*An 27 page extensive shopper’s guide to most trusted and best products every home needs

Inside is also packed with over 40 featured contributions from renowned doctors, environmental scientists, and public-health experts like Dr. Harvey Karp, Dr Philip Landrigan, and William McDonough, as well as many celebrity parents like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tobey Maguire, Sheryl Crow, Erin Brockovich and Tom Hanks. A special featured contribution from First Lady Michelle Obama on her best ways of coping with her daughter’s asthma.

List Price: $ 16.00


Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home

Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home

Leading medical experts and scientists team up with celebrity activists to help parents detoxify and green their households.

Nothing makes one more keenly aware of health risks lurking in the everyday world than becoming a parent. Most know the importance of using cabinet locks and child gates, but research is showing many more ways we need to be childproofing our homes. Tens of millions of American children now face chronic diseases and illnesses including cancer, autism, asthma, birth defects, ADD/ADHD, allergies, learning and developmental disabilities, as well as a host of lesser but disruptive ailments. And the growing research points to much of the increases on unseen threats wrought by exposure to chemicals in everyday products like cleaning supplies, beauty care and cosmetics, home furnishings, plastics, some foods and toys as contributing to these ailments. With that in mind, the non-profit organization Healthy Child Healthy World offers parents a definitive guide to creating a healthy, nontoxic, and environmentally sound home.

Filled with easy steps and simple solutions to improve family living without wreaking havoc on schedules or budgets, this book includes inspiring ideas for safe, eco-friendly cleaning methods, choosing healthier food, pet and garden care, nursery and home building materials, plus extensive tips for energy saving and family fun. With contributions from environmental science and public-health experts such as Dr. Phil Landrigan, Dr. Harvey Karp and Dr. Alan Greene, as well as many celebrity supporters (including Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Tobey Maguire, Sheryl Crow, Vanessa Williams, and Tom Hanks), Healthy Child Healthy World is the essential guidebook for parents wanting to go green.

List Price: $ 25.95